56 m² 3,91 mm interaktives LED -Videoboden für den Citizen Square im Freien im Freien im Freien im Freien

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56 square meters P3.91mm outdoor interactive LED video floor screen has been installed at Cocostar square, thousands of people come to the square to relex themselves; It's also a great play zone for children to have fun, enjoying real time interactive experience.

Cuztomized LED Floor

Both front and rear of the P3.91mm interactive LED floor panels are IP65 rating, fully weather proof; Solid panel, over 2000kg per square meters weight capacity; Video contents can be customized easily; Up to 5000 nits brightness, clear images and videos can be displayed even in daytime.

3.9mm outdoor interactive LED floor 895x535

Outdoor Interactive LED floor screens has been widely used for citizen squares, commercial streets, sport centers, plazas, them parks, scenic spots, children's area etc, the available pixel pitches including P2.97mm, P3.91mm, P4.81mm, P5.2mm, P6.25mm, P7.8mm, P8.9mm.





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